“Wrestling Depression is Not for Wimps”

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Skip Mondragon 


Depressed? Beat down, beat up, and battling to get off your back?
Lights off, door locked, and phone off.  Skip lay curled up on the floor in a fetal position for hours as he grappled with despair. After months of intense daily struggle, he was beat down, beat up, and fighting to get off his back. Desperate for relief, he finally admitted, “Skip, you’re depressed, go get some help!” This began his long road to recovery.  

In Wrestling Depression is Not for Wimps! Dr. Skip Mondragon, retired U.S. Army Medical Corps Colonel, Iraqi War veteran, and National Veterans Wrestling Champion draws upon life lessons learned as an amateur wrestler. He bares his soul to encourage others who are suffering to seek help. He also shares personal, practical, and powerful tips to help them overcome their struggle with depression.In this book you will learn how to: 

Conquer doom and gloom: Combat the relentless negative thoughts of depression and retrain your mind to replace them with healthy, life-giving, positive ones.       

“Get your head up!”: Listen to the encouraging voices around you, use body language to counter discouragement and despondency, and fortify your mind and body.

Exercise to combat depression: Get moving with some of the best exercises to help you in your recovery.                      

Incorporate the power of family, friends, and faith: Build a supportive and powerful team to assist in your journey back to health and wellness.He shares these and many other valuable tips, techniques, and tactics he learned to help fight this dark disease. As a patient he understands the profound pain of depression. As a doctor with over thirty years of practice, he also understands that not seeking help for this devastating disease can be fatal.

Wrestling Depression Is Not For Wimps! is:
Written for men in the deep, dark, pit of depression.
Written in non-technical language.
Written in short, easy to read chapters.
Written to be put it into practice today.  

If you are looking for hope and help as you journey from despair back to wholeness, this book will give you a hand to get off your back and start training. You will find encouragement to get back in the match, not give up, continue to wrestle, and triumph over depression.


ISBN: 1945252650
Publication date: February 27, 2020
Page Count: 208
List Price: $14.99
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Skip Mondragon

Dr. Skip Mondragon graduated from the Oral Roberts University School of Medicine and completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the Northeast Ohio University College of Medicine Affiliated Hospitals at Canton, Ohio. He then began his career as an Army physician. He deployed four times, and spent thirty months in combat zones. With every promotion and award, he told others, “My wife and children are the true heroes. They deserve these more than I do.”