Success Stories

What Our Clients and Leading Industry Experts Have to Say

“They Made the Publishing Process as Smooth as I Ever Could Have Imagined”

From cover design, to editing, to constant communication, the team at Capucia Publishing made the publishing process as smooth as I ever could have imagined. There were daily updates, weekly reminders, and monthly milestones. There was never a time where I felt unsupported, or like I had no idea what was going on. It was truly a delight every step of the way.

I would recommend this company to authors who want to save most of their efforts for the creative side of the book publishing process. Capucia handles all of the back-end work flawlessly, leaving you with the freedom and stress-free environment you need, to pay attention to your content and strategy. I already recommend this service to other authors, and I will continue to do so moving forward!

Jordan Gross
Author, The Journey To Cloud Nine

“I Had a Team of Professionals Lead Me Through Every Step”

Christine announced the opening of her publishing division, right when I was trying to imagine trusting the publication of my book to someone I didn’t know. Having worked with Christine and her expert team to get my book written, I knew I could trust her company to be as professional and caring with the publishing journey, too. The process she and her team used was supportive, professional, patient and thorough. It was reassuring knowing I had control over the product from start to finish, and a huge relief to know I also had a qualified team of professionals leading me through every step. I couldn’t have asked for more with the end result. Seeing my book published and into the hands of my readers was a dream come true.  I’m so grateful I chose to work with Christine and her team.  This company is truly one of a kind.”

Susan Rothfuss
Author, Breathe Into Wisdom

“Exceptional Attention to Detail”

Christine’s excellent team shepherded both of my books through the editing, design and publishing process with exceptional attention to detail. They produced finished products that make me tingle each time I hold one of my books in my hands. If you have  a transformational book ready to be ‘birthed’, yet you find yourself overwhelmed, confused, procrastinating or making excuses to not get it published, I highly recommend that you work with Capucia Publishing. They are a company based on integrity and action. Your author dreams will be fulfilled under their guidance. Mine certainly have!

Dr. Niki Elliott 
Author, The Intuitive Mother
Author, I Feel Your Pain

“They Made the Entire Process Seamless and Easy”

“I had no idea where to begin when it came to publishing my book. Yet, working with Christine and her team at Capucia made the entire process seamless and easy. When I saw my first printed copy it looked amazing, I was moved to tears. The best part was not only how much I loved it, but my readers are loving it too! And better yet, a local bookstore is carrying my book because they were blown away by its high quality. I could never have done such a professional job without this phenomenal publishing team.”

Christine Rosas
Author, The Sensitive Edge

“They Offered the Perfect Solution”

“Talking with traditional publishers was a slow and grinding process, and ‘self-publishing’ felt small and amateurish. Into this dilemma, Christine and her publishing team offered the perfect solution! They took my manuscript and turned it into an amazing, powerful, professionally published book. It’s getting rave reviews and has helped my income and impact multiply much faster than if I weren’t a published author. Capucia Publishing provides a 21st Century solution for transformational authors. I trust her and her team implicitly, and I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

Brian Whetten, Ph.D.
Author, Yes Yes Hell No!

“The Company that Made My Dreams Happen”

“I had no clue how to find an editor or publish my book. Christine and her team took me under their wing and found an excellent editor for me. They walked me through each step of the publishing process, including steps I didn’t even know existed! I always felt encouraged whenever it seemed too scary or overwhelming. Plus, on the publishing mastermind calls I received great advice about how to launch and market my book along with a bunch of resources to help with that. I know that all the tender loving care I received helped make mine a book that truly impacts readers. It’s been incredible to hear people say they’ve read it more than once, or that it’s the book they keep on their nightstand. That’s a reality for me now as an author, and this is the company that made my dreams happen.”

Lilia Shoshanna Rae
Author, The Art of LIstening to Angels

“A Turnkey Service that Took Me from Raw Manuscript to Published Book”

"I was so excited when I finished writing my manuscript, but quickly realized I had no idea how to get it published. So, after completing Christine’s Get Your Book Done program to write my book, I was relieved to discover her company had a turnkey service that took it from raw manuscript to published book. Their expert team project managed the entire process, provided high quality editing and graphic design, and did everything in a highly coordinated manner. Now, my book is published and has been a best-seller in my category on Amazon. Plus, it’s helped me attract new clients! I am happy that I used these experts rather than taking on self-publishing myself. I was able to focus on my thriving business while they managed every detail for me."

Karyn Grant
Author, Bold and Fearless

“The Value and Quality I Received Here Was Light Years Beyond Anyone Else”

Choosing to work with Capucia Publishing took all of the guesswork out of an otherwise stressful publishing process.   Everything their professional team did for me either met or exceeded my expectations in ways other companies couldn’t have.  And I would know!  I had several other companies offering to assist me with the publication of my book, yet the value and quality I received here was light years beyond any other company I had considered.  A few of the highlights of working with this team are the true family environment created with their authors, the great communication at every step of the process, simplicity in moving through the process, and top notch professional results.  If you’re shopping around for publishers - like I was - look no further.  This is the best company you will find anywhere.

Donald Middleton
Author, Conversations With My Dad

“Excellent Guidance and Communication”

"I decided to get my book, Career ReCharge:  Five Strategies to Boost Resilience and Beat Burnout published by Capucia publishing because of their amazing Publishing Director.  I had the opportunity to meet her at one of Christine writing retreats and I witnessed,  first hand, her work ethic, passion and integrity.   And I knew that level of care was what I wanted for my book. It was important for me to work with a publisher where it would be a collaborative process, yet with a team that paid attention to every last detail… especially the ones I didn’t even know I needed.   The Capucia team delivered that and more by providing excellent guidance and communication every step of the way to ensure my project could stay on a timeline for an important speaking event.  We met my deadline goal and the results of becoming a published author have been a dream come true!"

Beth Benatti Kennedy, MS, LMFT
Author, Career Recharge

“I Couldn’t Be More Proud Of My Published Book”

“It had been years that I’d been thinking about publishing a book.  As the founder of A Community of Transformation in Annapolis Maryland, I had decades of our collective experience and wisdom I wanted to get out to the world.  It wasn’t until I found Christine Kloser and Capucia Publishing that my publishing dream finally became real.  It was an incredible experience where I felt deeply supported, cared for, and expertly guided through every single step of the publishing process.  The result was a book that quickly became a best-seller on Amazon in the Leadership category, and reached major corporations internationally in its first weeks of publication.  I couldn’t be more proud of my published book.  If you’re considering working with Capucia, look no further.  They’re the best you will find!”

Linda Roebuck
Author, Circlular Leadership

“Respect, kindness and clarity every step of the way.”

“If you have the opportunity to work with Christine and her Capucia publishing company, take it. You will be treated better than any other publishing company you’ll find out there.  I know from personal experience with another company, where I got bounced from one ‘consultant’ to another and my book never got published due to one challenge after another.  But not here!  You will be expertly guided with respect, kindness and clarity every step of the way.  I’ve had this book inside me for 16 years.  And, now I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with Capucia, because my book is done the way I wanted it done and I couldn’t be more proud of this accomplishment.   I highly recommend if you have a book to publish you make the same decision I did.  I promise you’ll be grateful you did.”

N.G. Abrahmson
Author, You Can Choose Your Life

“I had no idea that working with a publisher can be such a personal, customized, and rewarding experience!”

“I have published a book before, but this experience with Capucia was SO different!  The publishing director was in touch with me on a regular basis, updating me about the progress and answering my questions. She guided me every step of the way, helping me make all decisions with confidence and clarity! Considering that I lost control of my first book, being in control of how this book looks and how I can use it to grow my business was absolutely amazing! Quite honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing another book. But working with Capucia has allowed me to see how, with the right guidance and support, it can be just the thing to take my business to the next level!”

Milana Leshinsky
Author, Simplicity Entrepreneurship