“How Reiki Works”

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Elizabeth Eddy PhD


Learn How to Reduce Stress with Reiki Healing Energy

Everyone suffers from stress. Whether caused by demands from work and family, unsettled political situations, looming environmental disasters, or everyday frustrations, stress can rob you of your quality of life. Stress raises cortisol levels leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. It deranges our natural immune response leaving us vulnerable to disease.

How Reiki Works shows you how and why Reiki can transform your life by using its gentle energy to calm and relax you. Practitioners of Reiki are easy to find, and anyone can learn to use it! Reading How Reiki Works will:

  • EXPAND your heart with real-life stories of people using Reiki
  • SUPPORT your hope to find solutions to medical challenges
  • PROVIDE scientific studies that show Reiki is effective
  • FILL IN many useful tips on using Reiki everyday
  • SHOW you how Reiki can help you realize the peace and freedom that are your birthright and human potential

Author, Elizabeth Eddy, Ph.D., ordained Episcopal priest and twice Reiki Master, has the ability to translate both science and spirituality into everyday language, and connect them profoundly. In How Reiki Works she explains how the technique works to produce important mental and physical health results by relieving their root cause – stress.


ISBN: 1945252677
Publication date: June 29, 2020
Page Count: 248
List Price: $12.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Elizabeth Eddy PhD

Elizabeth began by climbing mental mountain heights with a PhD in Philosophy, then learned to fly through the spiritual discipline of ordination in the Episcopal church.