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Phyllis Ginsberg


Your Past Doesn’t Have to Define Your Future

Are you finally ready to break the chains of your past and take control of your life? Empowered You is your path to freedom.  

In this groundbreaking book, author and therapist Phyllis Ginsberg exposes the root causes of dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression, and addiction, revealing that these struggles are not your fault. She will show you how to say goodbye to the limitations of your past and step into the limitless potential of your true self, paving the way to a joyous and fulfilled life. 

With practical tools and profound insights, Empowered You is a roadmap to a life of purpose, authenticity, and empowerment. 

  • Shed disempowering messages 

  • Transform how you make decisions 

  • Unlock the secrets to knowing and valuing yourself
  • Rewire your brain for lasting change

It’s time to step into your own power, replace outdated ways of being, and create a future that’s truly yours. Your transformation begins now.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-87-3
Publication date: MARCH 12, 2024
Page Count: 254
List Price: $15.99
Formats Available:PAPERBACK, EBOOK


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About the Author

Phyllis Ginsberg

Phyllis Ginsberg, the Survival to Thrival Expert, has helped countless individuals rise above mere survival to thrive in the face of life’s challenges. She is an international speaker and the author of two holistic well-being books, Brain Makeover and Tired and Hungry No More. Phyllis lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.