“Alive and Thriving”

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Leslie Bridger


Have You Been Told There’s No Hope? 

Don’t Give Up Yet!

One minute Leslie Bridger was cycling down a steep hill in a busy Canadian urban center, and, in an instant, she was catapulted through the sky, looking down on our beautiful planet Earth in all her glory. After a near-death experience following this bicycle accident, Leslie is now a believer in the impossible. Once the medical professionals knew she’d live, they had little hope for her full recovery. She proved them wrong!  

In Alive and Thriving, you will be riveted as you journey with Leslie through the events that unfolded and amazed as she reveals the five Divine Healing Truths she learned while she was on the other side

These Healing Truths will provide tools to help you: 

  • Live a life of hope and possibilities 
  • Be excited about the opportunities before you 
  • Know you’ve been given a second chance at living your best life

Alive and Thriving is a beacon for anyone who has received a terminal or chronic diagnosis—or a traumatic injury—and, in turn, been given little or no hope of recovery. 



ISBN: 978-1-954920-89-7
Publication date: May 21, 2024
Page Count: 282
List Price: $16.99/ $6.99
Formats Available:PAPERBACK, EBOOK


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About the Author

Leslie Bridger

Leslie Bridger walks the talk, living and breathing the healing tools she teaches. A motivating speaker, author, health and wellness coach, and nature photographer, she inspires people to access their inner healer wherever she goes. Leslie’s mission is to help millions around the globe Activate the Healer Within.