“I Thought It Would Be Different with a New Purse”

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Leslie Gillespie and Lynda Rees


Tired of trying to fit everybody’s needs into your life purse?

It’s easy to lose yourself. You lead at home, at work—everywhere. The pressure is real. You Care-y Stress, a secret push-pull tug in your heart and gut. You carry it all on your shoulder. In your personal purse. Could a new purse be the answer? 

Written in a fun, down-to-earth, GF-to-GF style, Gillespie and Rees translate the latest science on stress and the nervous system into a guide for living a life full of Sparkle. This is your go-to book to relieve this push-pull tug of giving yourself away until there’s little left. 

In I Thought It Would Be Different with a New Purse, you’ll discover: 

  • Why connecting with others is the biggest deal 
  • The biological reasons you care for others and forget about yourself 
  • How Tricky Guilt makes you feel responsible for everyone 
  • The seven Hasty Happy habits we all do that impede meaningful meetups 
  • The Reignite Sparkle solution that transforms old habits into leading with joy 

Don’t waste another second trying to juggle this push-pull stress. You no longer need to carry everyone’s needs in your purse.  



ISBN: 978-1-954920-91-0
Publication date: APRIL 23, 2024
Page Count: 314
List Price: $17.99/ $7.99
Formats Available:PAPERBACK, EBOOK


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About the Authors

Leslie Gillespie and Lynda Rees

Leslie Gillespie and Lynda Rees have leadership experience in law, nursing, and relationship therapy. What began as weekly meetings to support each other evolved into a powerful solution to help women leaders perform under pressure.