“The Making of a Butterfly”

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Yolanda Bradford


Is Your Soul Speaking to You?

LOOK inside Your Life. Maybe your soul is trying to tell you something.

Dani heard the message from her soul. Travel with her as she discovers the Magic path to Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, and Forgiveness. In The Making of a Butterfly, she shares the stories of multiple generations and her own journey to break free of the pathological patterns that held her family in bondage.

As you move through The Making of a Butterfly, you will:

  • Discover a pathway to healing through Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, and Forgiveness.
  • Master the art of releasing generational conditioning that doesn’t serve you.
  • Awaken your inner strength and guidance.
  • Change the trajectory of your life!

Dani continues to learn to love herself, forgive others, and accept herself. Please join her on a continuing journey toward self-love.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-34-7
Publication date:August 23, 2022
Page Count: 220
List Price: $16.99
Formats Available: 


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About the Author

Yolanda Bradford


Yolanda Bradford works as a life and business strategy developer. She is a practitioner of natural healing modalities and a Reiki Master. Yolanda is a professional speaker and the author of “Finishing the Dance,” a short story that will inspire you to conquer your fears. She is also the co-creator of the international company, Becoming.