“The Love Liar”

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Carin M. LaCount


A Narcissist Lies to Control Us;

We Lie to Ourselves to Be Controlled

The love lies began at the age of six. When her mother died, Carin told herself she was the reason she lost her mother’s love. As an adult, she based relationships with others on her false ideas, making her a prime target for manipulating, narcissistic personalities.

In her marriage, her habit of deception melded with his manipulative lies. He took everything she gave and more as an autoimmune condition began to plague her early and throughout the twenty-year marriage.  She gave everything she could until there was nothing left to give.

Although she found the strength to leave, the disease came back two years later with an ultimatum: either learn to love yourself or lose your life. In the ambulance, for the first time, Carin began to see her love lies. The Love Liar shares Carin’s vulnerable tale with understanding for the abused and the abuser to guide us all toward the truth of love.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-36-1
Publication date:August 25, 2022
Page Count: 332
List Price: $16.99
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About the Author

Carin M. LaCount


Dr. Carin LaCount is the authority on self-love who doesn’t always get it right! She teaches how exposing our personal lies is the most loving act we can do for ourselves. As the mother of two, she is devoted to breaking dysfunctional legacies by understanding the codependent/narcissistic dynamic that undermines love in families across the globe. She has a doctorate in optometry and a passion for helping others see their own truth with unconditional love.