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Nani Chesire


Are You a Mom Seeking Your Greater Purpose?

Trying to be a good mom can consume every waking moment of your day. You may feel stuck, disconnected, and wonder: How can I do things differently? and What am I here to contribute?

As your kids grow up rapidly before your eyes, the fear of life passing you by may be overwhelming, but as a mom, you may experience a fear of change. Loving yourself and putting your needs front and center will look selfish, right? The truth is: You can only be the best mom and role-model when you nurture yourself first.

You’ve devoted your life to others—now it’s your turn! In Human Design for Moms, Nani Chesire will help you:

  • Discover why you’re stuck
  • Liberate yourself from guilt
  • Make better decisions
  • Stop should-ing
  • Live on purpose

Integrating the tools of Human Design empowers you to navigate the self-discovery process your way so you can connect to a satisfying life of purpose and meaning. In this book, you can learn and apply Nani Chesire’s formula for Durable Authenticity and enjoy living as your true self, regardless of your current situation.



    Publication date: May 4, 2023
    Page Count: 216

    List Price: $16.99
    Formats Available: 


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    About the Author

    Nani Chesire


    NANI CHESIRE is a certified Human Design practitioner and mom with an MBA and an ability to see straight to the heart of what matters. She co-authored the best-selling Human Design Guidebook for Your Type: A Complete Collection. Through Human Design, she moved from living a life of shoulds to a portfolio life filled with her passions—business and parenting. www.humandesigntools.com