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Veronica Lynch


One cold, dreary night, there came a late-night knock on the door from the immigration authorities that changed the trajectory of this teenage undocumented immigrant’s life and forced her to escape from her Caribbean Island in search of freedom and safety in America.

Saddled with shame, grief and sadness upon her arrival in America, Veronica lived her life hiding in plain sight and feeling invisible behind a wall of secrecy of being an undocumented immigrant.

Her deep-rooted fear was so traumatizing that even after having qualified for citizenship in America, she still felt afraid of deportation, continued to play small and was not confident in sharing her authentic voice.

Though filled with trepidation and pain in America, her deep desire to pursue an education and align with her soul’s purpose led her to persevere and push forward against all odds as she navigated her way in a vast new culture.

In Undocumented, family psychotherapist Dr. Lynch shares a poignant odyssey, describing what it feels like to be called an illegal alien, unwelcome and not good enough.

A Story of Triumph

A compelling story of triumph, Undocumented is a true story of the author, whose constant connection with a power higher than herself inspired her to not give up, but to persevere until she accomplished her goals and dreams.

In Undocumented, the author walks us through the frailty and instability facing the undocumented immigrant while sharing her struggles to maintain her culture and the steps she took to open her heart, trust and love herself unconditionally, and move forward in pursuit of her personal and educational freedom. She shares her experience of grief and loss, its impact on her family and how she found freedom by embracing faith.

Powerful and Inspirational

More than just a memoir, in this powerful and inspiring true story, you will discover:

  • Ways to connect to your inner power
  • A proven path to heal your internal wounds
  • How to stay the course and pursue your goals
  • Tools, techniques and resources to help you feel hopeful
  • Your value and worth


ISBN: 1945252790
Publication date: August 4, 2020
Page Count: 347
List Price: $17.99
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Veronica Lynch

Healing Artist, Veronica R. Lynch, PhD., was born in Antigua, West Indies and reared in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands for much of her youth before settling in America in her teens. She works with high-achieving, professional women, 40 or better, who want to be more centered and balanced, and are ready to implement tools and strategies to create more peace, joy and bliss in their life.