“Mom Is Not Always Right”

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Kendra Araujo



Mom Is Not Always Right is the self-help book for women who desperately want to live the lives they were meant to live but have been held back by others’ expectations.

It is more than just a guide though, Mom Is Not Always Right shows you…

  • How to instantly eliminate negativity in your life using one simple trick
  • Where to find time for yourself when it seems you have none
  • Why you should never ask for permission to go for your dreams, including from your supporters
  • Why doing the opposite of what you have been taught almost always works
  • Say Goodbye to the guilt of not pleasing others
  • The Truth about the relationship between Money and Happiness
  • What to do if your family doesn’t support your dreams
  • When it is ok to ask yourself negative questions

By the end of Mom Is Not Always Right, you’ll know how to join the ranks of empowered and confident women across the world and have the tools to scrap the rule book and do with your life what you truly want, without feeling guilty!



ISBN: 978-1-9452529-69
Publication date: January 22, 2021
Page Count: 410
List Price: $16.99
Formats Available: 


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About the Author

Kendra Araujo

Kendra Araujo is an interiors and lifestyle designer, author, podcast host and world traveler who helps women break free from imposed expectations and create their dream life.

After fulfilling her lifelong dream of traveling the world and visiting over 35 countries in less than 2 years, Kendra took a break from her successful interior design firm against everyone’s advice to help others achieve their dreams like she had achieved hers. 

She has now been to almost 50 countries and funded Rebel Lifestyle Academy where she holds online courses and in-person workshops globally helping hundreds of women get closer to their dream life by following her step by step lifestyle design process. She has appeared on TV, radio and podcasts internationally.

No matter where she is in the world, Kendra continues educating women weekly through her own podcast: Rebel and Live Your Dream Life.