“A Touch of Light”

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Ann Naimark


Develop a Deep Connection to the Love that is You!

Outwardly, Ann Naimark had it all: a loving family, house in the suburbs, and a college education. But Ann wasn’t fulfilled or happy. She struggled with loneliness, emotional pain, feeling not good enough, and not fitting in with the crowd.

Following her independent nature and determined to find more peace, love, joy, and security, she embarked on a spiritual and emotional journey that changed the trajectory of her life. You’ll be inspired by Ann’s story as she points the way to Love of self and all creation—the way to a whole new you.

In A Touch of Light, you’ll discover how to:

  • Live in day-to-day awareness of Source
  • Release non-helpful mental and emotional patterns
  • Learn to trust your inner instincts
  • Discern when Source is leading you closer to your dreams
  • Love your sensitive nature and accept it as a gift
  • Experience your life as an adventure
  • Move toward balance in all areas of your life

You’ll uncover who you really are—a loving, joyful, vibrant, spark of Creation!



ISBN: 978-1-954920-45-3
Publication date:October 26, 2022
Page Count: 260
List Price: $16.95
Formats Available: 


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About the Author

Ann Naimark


Ann Naimark has been a psychotherapist for thirty-two years. She has explored multiple spiritual disciplines, led countless meditations, and taught many spiritual classes. Her work helps people balance mind, body, emotions, and spirit.