“Clicking for Mr. Right”

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Jenna Deborah Cassell


She was born to shop, but a new man wasn’t on her list!

After a twenty-four-year marriage, Jocelyn’s husband gave her the biggest surprise—he left her. She never dreamed she would join the ranks of the brokenhearted, didn’t-see-it-coming, divorced woman club.

At fifty-five, who would imagine revisiting the rituals of her teenage years? But Jocelyn dove headfirst into the singles’ world and the electronic dating pool. Even for an avid online shopping guru like herself, shopping for a life partner on the internet was nothing short of bizarre.

With her divorced sister as her expert dating coach, Jocelyn bravely begins with the emails, phone calls, and then—the most fear-inducing of them all—the first date.

What ensues is a funny, heart-rendering, and enlightening journey on the road to finding her true soul mate. Whether she finds Mr. Right is yet to be determined, but she does discover the most important thing of all—herself.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-17-0
Publication date:november 28, 2022
Page Count: 212
List Price: $14.99
Formats Available: 


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About the Author

Jenna Deborah Cassell


Jenna Cassell is known for developing American sign language curriculum. She received her masters from Arizona State University Tucson. She was the owner of Sign Enhancers a multimedia educational company dedicated to teaching ASL. She lived in San Diego with her loving husband, Loui.