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Sue Ziang, H.C


Imagine yourself feeling, looking, and being 10 (maybe 15) years younger! The new book Young Mind Young Body by Sue Ziang tells you how.

You have been feeling tired and old for the longest time. How you wish you could wave a magic wand and have the robust health and youthful vitality to live the life you know you should be living! Yes, you can! There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the key is in your hands. By following the common-sense approach to supporting mindset, lifestyle, and food choices that Sue Ziang details in Young Mind Young Body, you can embrace and savor life with ease and grace while potentially enjoying the following benefits as by-products of a happy and fulfilled life ¬– body, mind, heart, and soul.

You will start:

• Thinking, feeling, looking, and being years younger than your actual chronological age.
• Feeling more resilient, more energetic, more vibrant, and able to do the things you have always dreamed of doing that you are not doing due to lack of energy.
• Enjoying robust, vital health due to increased immunity.
• Reclaiming your best body and being able to keep it without applying will power to lose weight.
• Flourishing in all areas of life including relationships, spirituality, and career with a sense of well-being and abundance.
• Discovering a heightened joy of being in bliss.

Ziang’s inspiring, soul-grabbing, simple, and straightforward signature writing style might just ignite the fire lying dormant within you, making you want to dance, sing, and expand.

Catch the fire! Allow your inner joy to come through! You are so worth it!


ISBN: 1945252065
Publication date: June 30, 2016
Page Count: 360
List Price: $19.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Sue Ziang

As an author, a board certified holistic health practitioner, an integrative nutrition health coach, a primordial qigong practitioner and instructor and a Shiatsu therapist (Acupressure Bodywork with roots in Chinese medicine and acupuncture), Sue has been led by life’s challenges to assist burnout entrepreneurs fed up feeling tired and ready to claim their lost youthful vitality to live their destined life and prosper in every way possible. Synergistic healing modalities as well as supporting mindset, lifestyle and food choices are explored and applied, to help halt, reverse stress-induced premature aging and prevent dis-ease progressing into full-blown disease, in the process restore, rejuvenate, adding more life to years, and more years to life.