What If?

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Kelly CS Johnson


As parents everything we do is driven by our desire to protect our children, to give them a happy, healthy and secure life. This is exactly what Kelly CS Johnson wants for her children too.

What if, without meaning to, she causes them harm?
What if, doing “the right thing”, is the wrong thing?
What if, no one believes her? Or worse, blames her?

Kelly follows the medical advice given to her by those she has been taught to trust. She gives vaccines to her children, because it is “the right” and responsible thing to do. Then, right before her eyes, her daughter changes. Now, Kelly is in the most terrifying place she could have imagined. She finds that the medical profession no longer wishes to know about her and her children. When her son’s health also changes, well, it is as if she has fallen into an abyss.

What if all she has been told is not true?
What if she is blamed for her child’s vaccine injury?
What if no one helps?

This is Kelly’s story. There are no limits to a mother’s love and as you travel with Kelly and her family on their journey through family struggles, medical diagnoses and recovery, you will see the overwhelming power of a mother’s love.


ISBN: 0996827145
Publication date: February 13, 2016
Page Count: 256
List Price: $19.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Kelly CS Johnson

Kelly CS Johnson is a homeopath, an author, a researcher, a health advocate and, of course, a mother. She is passionate about helping people attain and maintain health. She believes in everyone’s right to make an informed decision when it comes to deciding what vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs people wish to put into their bodies.

She wrote her book “What if? I harmed my children” so that everyone could see what the lives of vaccine harmed children, and their families, are like. To explain how important it is to do the research for ourselves, to make informed decisions that are right for each of us on an individual basis, and to show that it is possible to improve the lives of vaccine harmed children. It is an inspirational book that is helping many people.