“The Self-Mothering Effect”

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The stress caused by abusive or traumatic experiences can affect every aspect of life, making it difficult to feel happy, fulfilled, and maintain healthy relationships. What’s worse is that it can be passed on to your children.

Through personal experience and thousands of hours of research, author LadyWake has found the missing link. She calls it The Self-Mothering Effect. We all know how powerful and loving a concerned Mom can be when her child is suffering and it is with this sweet intensity that we must mother ourselves if we are to finally heal our childhood trauma patterns.

In this book, you will discover that

  • you can trace your current lack of fulfillment, stress, depression, and overwhelm to past traumas;
  • childhood trauma increases the risk of an individual experiencing serious mental and physical health conditions in adulthood;
  • parents can pass their traumas to their children, creating generational trauma patterns and unfair baggage for them to sort through; and
  • you can heal from narcissistic abuse, codependency, and any other emotional trauma.
The unique WAAKE methodology offered in this book provides a solid foundation for healing your childhood trauma patterns and preventing them from repeating in your children’s lives.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-15-6
Publication date: December 1, 2021
Page Count: 154
List Price: $14.99
Formats Available: 


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About the Author


LadyWake has transformed her survival mode side-effects into modes of thriving, with her two daughters as her angelic push. As a trauma transformation coach, she continues to help women harness their own power to do the same.