The Eternal Dance

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Alistair Smith


Have you ever looked around the world and felt troubled or dismayed? Do you sometimes turn these feelings back on your fellow human beings, even ever so slightly? After all, aren’t we humans responsible for everything that is happening in our world? Isn’t that what we hear from religion and science? But are we alone to blame for everything as we are led to believe?

When something goes awry, we usually assume those who created the situation are at the root of the problem. In the case of our beautiful planet Earth, we never consider God might be involved; yet, is God totally exempt? If our higher power is perfect, how did we come to be in such a mess?

Have you heard that we are human beings having a spiritual experience, or that we are spiritual beings having a human experience – and wondered which is really true? Perhaps you have experienced other paradoxes for which existing explanations fall short.

For answers, join Alistair and the Keeper of the Seed in a new mythology for the story of humanity that unravels the paradox of modern civilization. Find out how everything that is happening might be part of a divine plan, or even an eternal dance between two lovers, Life and Spirit. Be ready for a very evocative read!


ISBN: 1945252367
Publication date: April 3, 2018
Page Count: 358
List Price: $19.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith (1958-2016) was a construction engineer, civil engineer and operations manager.  He was born in Scotland and moved to Australia as a child. Shoalwater, in Western Australia, was his beloved home where he thrived on the natural wonders of the land and water, and where he felt blessed to witness ocean sunrises and sunsets within a few blocks of his home.  This was also the place he passed away after diving deeply into his hero’s journey with cancer, which Alistair refers to as the most profound teacher that took him into the depths of surrender.

Alistair in his later years, married and moved to Canada, and stepped away from his successful career as an engineer to pursue his passion for Life, and the very essence of creation. His brilliant mind – literally one of the top thinkers in all of Australia – was consumed with connecting the dots of how the entirety of eternity worked together. The Eternal Dance is one of his many works (though few published) that share his understandings of how this thing called Life works.