“Pull Your Self Together”

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Rebecca Whitecotton


Step Into a World of Interdimensional Adventure

Imagine that you could interact with alternate versions of yourself and find out what happened on the road not taken.

While on a healing journey to resolve a painful past and rekindle her spiritual connection, Rebecca realizes she can reach into parallel worlds and pull her alternate selves together into a team that experiences every possibility life has to offer. Together, they discover the multidimensional wholeness of the Higher Self, connect more fully with spirit, and create a new way of looking at life’s choices. 

Part memoir and part transformational guide, Pull Your Self Together merges an inspiring, heartfelt story with steps you can take to explore your parallel worlds. In the multiverse theory of quantum physics, each choice you make creates alternate realities. What if the choice to read this book is one of those reality-creating decisions? 


ISBN: 978-0-9968271-88
Publication date: February 17, 2021
Page Count: 334
List Price: $16.99
Formats Available: 


Rebecca Whitecotton author photo

About the Author

Rebecca Whitecotton

Award-winning children’s book author Rebecca Whitecotton adds interdimensional traveler to her list of job titles, which have included reporter, editor, and graphic designer. This soul-searching inquiry into what it means to be whole follows Child of Mine, Know This, hailed by Neale Donald Walsch as “the single most imaginative children’s book to come along in ages.”