“Incurable Hope”

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Lisa M. Gennosa


When Your Life is Consumed by a Loved One with Addiction

Incurable Hope is a loving mother’s memoir of her only child’s disease of addiction and overcoming the multiple traumas he endured. This book examines how substance use disorder, mental health, and trauma can collide with the legal and medical systems. More importantly, it is a survival guide, a resource guide, and a desperately needed tour guide through the labyrinth of addiction.

Within the pages of Incurable Hope, this life-seasoned mother:

  • Shares with others how to survive and recapture life when they have a loved one with addiction.
  • Critically examines the criminalization of mental illness and substance use disorder, while providing ideas and solutions for change.
  • Provides much-needed resources and education, by teaching the foreign language of addiction, to those searching for answers while providing guidance to effectively choose a rehabilitation facility.
  • Makes us all think critically before we assign unnecessary assumptions, use derogatory language, or wrongfully criticize what we fail to understand.
  • Dispels the myth that addiction is a moral failing and assigns the broader understanding of substance use disorder as a form of self-harm.

Let us work to find hope for ourselves and our loved ones so that we may all improve our approach to the ever-increasing need for human compassion and empathy in today’s world.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-59-0
Publication date: March 29, 2023
Page Count: 254

List Price: $14.99
Formats Available: 


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About the Author

Lisa M. Gennosa


LISA M. GENNOSA lives in a small, rural town in eastern North Carolina where she is a practicing Physician Assistant. She lives with her husband and her two favorite pups, Benjamin and Ted E. Bear. Her son remains the biggest gift in her life.