I Feel Your Pain

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Niki Elliott, PhD.


Are you someone who seems to absorb the physical or emotional energy of those around you? Do you know what’s happening to other people days, even months before they tell you? If so, you are not alone!

In I Feel Your Pain, Niki Elliott shares a powerful and deeply personal years-long journey of accepting her intuitive gifts—transforming her initial fear, overwhelm, and pain into peace, possibility, and empowerment. This life-changing book offers a 7-step process that will enable you to:

• Understand what it means to be an intuitive empath
• Release the myths and fears that cause you to avoid your intuitive abilities
• Learn specific techniques for maintaining healthy energetic boundaries
• Discover your own intuitive profile and ways to keep yourself physically healthy and emotionally grounded
• Serve and support others without absorbing their emotional or physical pain
• Use your intuitive abilities confidently in ways that help you, not hurt you

I Feel Your Pain, delivers a grounded, mainstream approach to understanding what it means to be an empath or intuitive. The practical guidance and insights presented in this book will fast-track the integration of your innate, intuitive abilities into a life of vitality, empowerment, and inner peace.


ISBN: 194525212X
Publication date: November 15, 2016
Page Count: 222
List Price: $19.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Dr Niki Elliot

Holistic Educator | Speaker | Facilitator | Author
Neurodiversity, Mindfulness, and Mindset Practitioner 

For the past 25 years, Dr. Niki’s professional life has been dedicated to improving conditions for students who struggle to live and learn in traditional settings. She sees the innate spark of genius in them and moves mountains to help educators, parents, health professionals, and social service providers transform personal and systemic practices that perpetuate trauma and underperformance.