“DELVE-ing into Cultural Humility”

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Cindy Anne Mathers


Creating a Nation That Is Fair for Us All

Cindy Mathers has experienced firsthand the impact of our traumatised, fragmented, and broken systems on First Nations people, and indeed us all. She has been mentored by and worked collaboratively with First Nations people for over two decades, learning through respect, deep listening, and truth telling.

After repeated experiences of burnout, she began searching for solutions outside current systems. Through personal and ancestral healing, extensive research, and study, she learned that the disrespect and disregard of human rights of the First Nations people at the time of colonization created wounds that remain in our collective psyche and are passed down through generations.

In DELVE-ing into Cultural Humility, Mathers shares a learning pathway forward, based on respect and deep listening. She created the DELVE formula as a collaborative way to implement change in our nation:

  • Deconstruct—how did we get here as a nation?
  • Explore—the impact of abuse of Human Rights on us all
  • Listen—and learn, with deep presence to the stories of First Nations people
  • Viable—what First Nations-led/collaborative initiatives are working?
  • Energise—what works and fund community-led, place-based initiatives

In these pages, you will see a snapshot of what is possible when we engage the DELVE formula. By applying this pathway to her real-life projects and experiences, Mathers has created a succinct and practical resource for those who wish to become part of creating a new nation that respects the Human Rights of all.



ISBN: 978-1-954920-81-1
Publication date: NOVEMBER 16, 2023
Page Count: 152
List Price: $14.99
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About the Author

Cindy Anne Mathers

Cindy has lived and worked around Australia. Her experience in health, education, youth work, and volunteering has provided her an opportunity to co-create effective social and emotional wellbeing programs that are trauma-aware and healing-informed. She has shown what is possible when we embody Cultural Humility.