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Lauren Perotti


Live your life with more passion, play and prosperity – without Sacrificing Your Soul!

If you’ve achieved outer success yet still deeply yearn for more meaning, excitement, and full expression of all your gifts, your spirit may spiral downward, leaving you feeling disillusioned and depressed. When you stay stuck in the dark, your work, relationships, and even your physical health may suffer. Yet this darkness can be a catalyst to ignite your resurrecting purpose, passion, and power within.

Life Purpose and Dream Builder coach, speaker, and international best-selling author Lauren Perotti synthesized the elements she discovered to triumph over her life trials into a powerful process to guide others like you to make your life a masterpiece. With this multi-modal toolkit at your fingertips, you can tap infinite sources of energy, creativity, and Light and easily design and manifest a life you LOVE.

The Destiny Designer™ offers creative and spiritual practices that will guide you to:

  • Discover your Soul purpose and mission and create a LifePlay Plan in alignment with it.
  • Shift your thinking and perceptions for greater clarity, decision-making, and manifesting power.
  • Practice New Ways to Play – imagine, play, create, and recreate.

Ultimately, you will discover how to keep your inner fire burning and experience more freedom, joy, and peace so you can shine your unique light in the world.


ISBN: 1945252189
Publication date: November 22, 2016
Page Count: 192
List Price: $19.99
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Lauren Perotti

Lauren Perotti delivered her first keynote talk as the valedictorian of her 1968 graduating class – Catholic kindergarten! With sparkle and humor, Lauren has delivered messages of leadership, inspiration and what it takes to triumph in the ABCs of life on many stages and pages in the years since. Blending over 30 years of unique expertise in business, psychology and the arts, Lauren guides spiritual seekers and lovers of life to design lives they love.