When Life Hands You Lemons, Pucker Up and Sing

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Cathy Lynn Massengale


Cathy Lynn Massengale’s book When Life Hands you Lemons, Pucker Up and Sing! is
an intimate and courageous account of one woman’s journey from heartbreak and tragedy to healing and triumph. Her honest in-depth sharing of her family’s strength and weakness, in light of alcoholism, physical abuse, mental illness, drug addiction, a murder/suicide and a terrifying knife attack; is transformational. Her insights into her own family dynamics, including her perceived failures and successes, are liberating and refreshing.

She writes with simple intention to share her traumatic life story, so that readers grieving tragedy and loss, may find their own resilience, healing and hope. Her candid story tells how she found her voice, her confidence, and her soul’s purpose. Massengale’s indomitable spirit, and determination prepared her to survive the heartaches of life, and to appreciate the joyous moments as well. She has lived her life into the possibilities of finding peace and love, acceptance and forgiveness. Readers of this book will be inspired to “pucker up and sing!”


ISBN: 1523278846
Publication date: January 18, 2016
Page Count: 172
List Price: $14.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Cathy Lynn Massengale

Cathy Lynn Massengale was born in Dallas, Texas, grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area since 1969. She studied voice at Manhattan School of Music and DeKalb Community College. Massengale was Director of two shelters for victims of domestic violence in the 1980’s, worked as a paralegal for twenty-three years, and has been a singer in various musical productions. Her first book “When Life Hands You Lemons, Pucker Up And Sing” is her story of surviving domestic violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, murder/suicide and knife attack. Her rejection of a “why me” attitude was the catalyst that transformed her from victim to a survivor and advocate. This book will inspire anyone living through the same tragic events.