“The Four Fundamental Aspects of Love”

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Cheryl Jackson


You Have Been Called and You Have Answered. Welcome. 

The Four Fundamental Aspects of Love is based on the teachings of Mary Magdalene, as received by Judy Satori. It is a journey of exploration to the place of inner earth called Amenti – a process of initiation to receive higher knowledge. There are seven gates to be passed through. At each one there is a challenge to demonstrate to the guardian of that gate your worthiness and readiness to receive this knowledge. With each successive passage you are blessed with higher energies in preparation for standing before the Seven Lords of Amenti. Hear from them what it means for you to have won the right to be and to become. 

After returning from Amenti, the four fundamental aspects of love – Loving Wisdom, Loving Kindness, Loving Strength and Loving Being-ness, and the symbol of four spirals are introduced. The most important thing about the four fundamental aspects of love is the connection with the truth of the soul through practicing Loving Wisdom. Loving Wisdom – tuning in and hearing the voice of the heart – is the wellspring of loving creation. All else follows.    

  • Enter this imaginative story to stand in the light of the truth that you are.
  • Recognize the beautiful soul that you are and always have been.
  • Reconnect with your authentic self and BE the love that you are.
  • Practice how to be joyful from a place of peace.
  • Gently guide your practice of Loving Wisdom using the seventy-eight angel-inspired compositions complete with “I am” statements.


      ISBN: 978-1-954920-21-7
      Publication date: september 1, 2020
      Page Count: 138
      List Price: $18.95
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      About the Author

      Cheryl Jackson

      Cheryl Jackson has been a student of metaphysical concepts for over thirty years. Much of the basis of her knowledge came from a local angel and ascended master communicator. She added the teachings of Judy Satori in 2015 and continues to study Judy’s teachings. Cheryl was granted permission by Judy and Spirit to continue these teachings of Mary Magdalene. The Four Fundamental Aspects of Love is her first book.