“The Courage to Care”

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Linda Bryce


Approaching Death with Confidence and Sensitivity

What if you could feel confident knowing how to help and support someone who is dying? You may want to share their journey, even walk with them until their last breath, but are uncertain how to do so.

Author, end-of-life doula, and transition coach, Rev. Linda Bryce regularly sits and sings at the bedside of the dying.

The Courage to Care is your handbook, guiding you with practical advice and stories from the bedside and beyond.

Together, we can make the end of life as meaningful and memorable as the beginning. Someone is waiting, today, for you and your smiling face. May this book help you summon your courage to care and to be there at the bedside of someone who is dying.


ISBN: 978-1954920040
Publication date: march 31, 2021
Page Count: 262
List Price: $16.99
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Linda Bryce Author

About the Author

Linda Bryce

Rev. LINDA BRYCE, M.A., is an author, educator and bedside singer and songwriter who helps people navigate serious illness and dying. After her health-related career as an attorney, policy analyst and patient advocate, she published religious education materials, authored a book on self-healing, returned to graduate school to earn an M.A. in Jewish-Christian Studies, joined the faculty of The Pennsylvania State University, and became an ordained minister.

The death of her husband led Linda to hundreds of bedsides as a singer to the dying, a hospice vigil volunteer and recipient of a professional certificate as an end-of-life doula.