Motherhood – Is it for me?

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Denise Carlini & Ann Davidman


Many women question whether they want a baby or a childfree life. Motherhood – Is It For Me? is the perfect resource for addressing this crucial life choice. Find out what family planning might really mean for you with this insightful book, which offers every woman a clear path to understanding her ambivalence, moving through it, and making an informed decision about becoming a mother or remaining childfree.

For partnered and single women alike, this self-help guide will lead you to your truth, gently and nonjudgmentally. A series of exercises – done at your own pace or over the book’s recommended 12 weeks – will enable you to navigate through your immobilization. You’ll learn how to let go of external circumstances that cloud the motherhood decision. No one can make the motherhood decision for you, but this self-help guide for women will help you to say hello to a new future—one of clarity and brightness.

Motherhood – Is It For Me? can be read and used individually or in a women’s group. Many women feel that there’s nowhere to turn when they can’t decide whether to become mothers; they’re unsure how to think about family planning. Some think they don’t want to be a mother at all, or they might be deciding whether to become pregnant after 35 and have a baby. In all of these circumstances, women can feel lonely, isolated and debilitated. If you have these feelings, you’re not alone; so, whether you read Motherhood – Is It For Me? as an individual or in a women’s group, doing the exercises will lead you to clarity.

This self-help guide includes 20 stories from women of diverse backgrounds who share their decision-making journeys; half of these women chose motherhood while half decided on a childfree life. These women’s stories create a valuable, supportive community by breaking the isolation that women often feel when they don’t know their own truths about motherhood.


ISBN: 1945252162
Publication date: November 15, 2016
Page Count: 474
List Price: $26.95
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About the Author

Ann Davidman

Ann Davidman, Decision-Making Clarity Mentor, licensed marriage and family therapist and author, helps women and men find clarity when they’re trying to decide between parenthood or a childfree life. Helping people make one of the most important decisions they’ll make in their lifetime has been Ann’s passion for almost 30 years. As a Clarity Mentor, she believes every person has the right to explore and find their own truthful answer to this question. Ann offers Motherhood Clarity courses for women, Fatherhood Clarity courses for men and has a private psychotherapy practice in Emeryville, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About the Author

Denise L. Carlini

Now also a children’s book author, creating stories based on resilience for children of all ages, Denise is interested in fostering self-reliance. From her earliest days as a licensed psychotherapist, she often heard female clients say they felt utterly alone while considering whether or not they wanted to become a mother. She came to realize this was widespread, and it inspired her to create the Motherhood-Is it for me?™ program with her colleague and the co-author of the book of the same title. A share of her proceeds from the sale of Motherhood – Is It For Me? will go to women and children in need.