“d.i.y. zen and The Art of Gentle Emotional Transformation”

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Gary Nobuo Niki


Are you or a loved one suffering in silence following emotional or physical trauma?

Have you felt awkward or embarrassed when telling someone who might help with what happened?

Are there any past traumas, embarrassments or hurts without the aid of immediate self-help tools?

Do you currently have stress or past hurts that you have not healed?

If yes, d.i.y. zen and The Art of Gentle Emotional Transformation may be just what you have been looking for!

You are holding simple yet powerful ‘do-it-yourself’ (d.i.y.) tools to help clear out these feelings and to bring in a positive transformation for you and your loved ones!

Gary Niki has used the simple tools and techniques in this book on himself, then shared them with thousands of individuals over the past two decades. Many of these happily share in this book the amazing and positive outcomes they have experienced!

Gary cares. “I know, as these processes have helped us, it’s possible for you and your loved ones to benefit and enjoy the positive difference in your life, just as we have! d.i.y. zen and The Art of Gentle Emotional Transformation and its workbook will make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of everyone you care about! Let’s Go For It!”


ISBN: 978-1-945252-92-1
Publication date: NOvember 19, 2020
Page Count: 374
List Price: $22.00
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Gary Nobuo Niki

Gary Nobuo Niki is retired from National Disaster Emergency Management and Public Safety. Since 1983 he has worked with Multiple Energy & Healing Practices. He is the Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man and Anger Management Facilitator in the Washington, DC Metro Area. Gary also works with clients and groups around the world via phone and internet. He is the owner and qualifying party of NIKIDO an Arizona Private Investigation Agency (license #1001665).