Christ is not a Christian

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Anna Michael Krista


Meet Anna and Michael Christ, your Creator parents who are intervening to avert a planetary crisis.

Embody them, and you will co-create technical inventions and help implement them in ways that also:
-accentuate your gifts and accelerate your path
-renew your body and expand your personality
-teach you new ways of living as sisters and brothers
-develop your brilliance in helping others and having fun

You don’t need to be perfect! No one person will have the answer. We will learn through Anna and Michael how to work this out together.

Start by saying Yes. Feelings are the key. There are no rules. Simply live, learn, laugh and love.


ISBN: 0986290157
Publication date: June 9, 2015
Page Count: 330
List Price: $19.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Anna Michael Krista

Love like a new puppy is the essential instruction for the full spiritual embodiment that Anna Michael Krista helps people to achieve. Everything you need to start feeling, sensing, talking to in your language, and being physically guided by I AM, your Creator parents, is in her book, Christ is not a Christian: How to Embody Anna and Michael Christ. She doesn’t show her picture here because you don’t need to see it; the words that ring true to you in her book are the ones that will guide you.