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Beth Benatti Kennedy


Does going to work fire you up or drain the life out of you?

Do you flourish or flounder when faced with change?

Do you have the energy you need or are you running on empty?

Resilience has become a necessary business competency-key to not just surviving, but thriving in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) work environment. Being resilient boosts your ability to manage career obstacles, make sense of organization changes, and manage transition, while continuing to be productive and satisfied in your career, all of which give you a career advantage.

In Career ReCharge, Beth Kennedy explains her Benatti Resiliency Model, five strategies that help you develop your resilience and give you the energy to recharge your career and your life, even if circumstances are discouraging or disruptive. The Benatti Resiliency Model has proven successful through Beth’s more than 20 years of professional coaching and personal experience.

In Career ReCharge, you’ll discover: why taking care of your well-being is so important; the value of knowing your purpose and adjusting your mindset; the importance of a personal brand; why and how to cultivate connections with others; and how to incorporate innovation into your career and life.

This book is a journey to resilience with an itinerary! It includes exercises to help you get the most benefit from each chapter, Resiliency Boosters-actions you can take to implement each resilience strategy, and personal success stories from Beth’s coaching clients. Career ReCharge is for you if you’re ready to enhance your confidence, engagement, and productivity.

“Greatly needed advice for an incredibly hectic new world! We all need to recharge! Beth shows us how.” Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach in the World and Top Ten Business Thinker for eight consecutive years.


ISBN: 1945252537
Publication date: October 12, 2018
Page Count: 262
List Price: $15.95
Formats Available: 


About the Author

Beth Benatti Kennedy

Beth Kennedy brings more than twenty years of experience to her role as a leadership and executive coach, resiliency-training expert, and speaker. Her Benatti Resiliency Model has helped thousands of people develop the resilience to adapt to changing career circumstances, remain productive and engaged, and find greater life and career satisfaction. Ms. Kennedy has a diverse client list including dozens of small businesses, nonprofit organizations, individuals, and corporations such as Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, The Gillette Company, Nike, Converse, Bright Horizons, and Charter Contracting.